• Messenger of Heaven


    November 9, 2017 by Messenger of Heaven

    Hello, I'm Messenger of Heaven. I am making this blog because I have created a request on Community Central to adopt this wiki and I want to get the community's opinions on it.

    This wiki has very inactive admins that have not edited in years. The admins and bureaucrats are as followed:

    Carrieunderwoodfanforlife: bureaucrat, admin July 21, 2015

    LexiLexi: admin, January 23, 2012

    NovaSims: bureaucrat, rollback, admin last edited March 17, 2012

    SnapeFan1: admin last edited March 17, 2012

    W-O'Malley: bureaucrat, admin last edited August 30, 2007

    None of the admins have edited here since 2015. This wiki needs active admins.

    Since the departure of the admins, many new singers country singers have come out and has released new music and therefore more pag…

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  • Porterfield

    What did you think about the show? Comment below and link to your videos!

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  • Porterfield
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  • Country Music Sux

    Country music sucks right? Because if you are a fan you are bitch so it sucks.

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  • Carrieunderwoodfanforlife

    The music video for "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood was released to today! Some fans hate it, others love it. What do you think? Check it out at! Carrieunderwoodfanforlife 00:34, July 27, 2011 (UTC)carrieunderwoodfanforlife

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