If a moderator tells you to stop what you are doing, you are to stop immediately. You are to listen to moderators at all times.

  1. Do not harass other users.
  2. Please do not use racial slurs or any word relating to human genitalia. Depending on the severity of the use, you will be punished at moderator discretion.
  3. ​Please do not discuss, make light of, or link NSFW topics in the chatroom.

◾This includes, but is not limited to sexual intercourse, murder, rape, and suicide.

  1. Please keep spam to a minimum.

◾Spam includes, but is not limited to, an un-needed amount of emoticons, flooding, and holding down the spacebar to type nothing.

  1. ​Please do not sock-puppet.

◾A sock-puppet is an alternative account used to intentionally evade a ban on a main account. The sock-puppet will be blocked for indefinite, and the main account's ban will be added on to at moderator discretion.

  1. Please accept the opinions of others.

◾Some users may disagree with your opinions on various topics. Assuming the user respectfully disagreed with your opinion, try to stay calm, and do not throw personal insults around.

  1. Please do not incite drama.

◾Please do not try and incite drama by personally attacking a user in the main chatroom. The user being attacked is advised to not respond. All users participating in the drama will be asked to take the drama to private messages. If all users participating fail to do so, all belligerents will be punished at moderator discretion.

  1. ​Don't feed the trolls.

◾Feeding a troll is classified as, but not limited to: arguing with the troll, calling the troll out, telling the troll that they are funny, joining the troll, requesting the troll be banned or unbanned.

  1. Please do not constantly advertise

◾Please do not repeatedly advertise your wiki in the main chatroom. You may advertise your wiki twice per day.

Breaking any of these rules will be followed by a kick or a ban that will be decided at moderator discretion.