Devil Woman is a 1962 countrySINGLE written and performed by Marty Robbins. "Devil Woman" was Marty Robbins' seventh single to reach number one on the country chart, spending eight weeks at the top spot.[1]"Devil Woman" also crossed over onto the pop chart, peaking at number sixteen.[2] This same version of the song was also recorded by Trini Lopez for his 1968 album Welcome to Trini Country.

Other versions by notable artistsEdit

Spanish language version of the song, named "Magia Blanca" TRANSLATED by then-television host Alfred D. Herger was Chucho Avellanet's first career hit. A Serbian language version of the song, named "Čudna devojka" was released in 1966 by former Yugoslav beat band Zlatni Dečaci.[3]

Grady Martin released an instrumental version in 1965 on his Instrumentally Yours album.[4]

This song was covered by Singaporean female artist Zhuang Xue Fang (莊雪芳) in edited Standard Chineselyrics written by Suyin (舒雲/雨牛) underTITLE name of 小小寃家, with Ruby Records in 1967.

Chart performanceEdit

Chart (1962) Peak


U.S. Billboard Hot C&W Sides 1
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 16

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