Who's That Man is a song performed by Toby Keith on his 1995 album Boomtown.


Turn left at the old hotel I know this boulevard much too well It hasn't changed since I've been gone Oh this used to be my way home They paved the road through the neighborhood I guess the county finally fixed it good It was gettin' rough Someone finally complained enough Fight the tears back with a smile Stop and look for a little while Oh it's plain to see the only thing missin' is me

CHORUS: That's my house and that's my car That's my dog in my backyard There's the window to the room Where she lays her pretty head I planted that tree out by the fence Not long after we moved in There's my kids and that's my wife But who's that man runnin' my life

If I pulled in would it cause a scene? They're not really expecting me Those kids have been through hell I hear they've adjusted well Turn around in the neighbor's drive I'd be hard to recognize in this pickup truck It's just an ol' fixer up Drive away one more time A lot of things runnin' through my mind I guess the less things change The more they never seem the same



(Who's that man) Who's that man runnin' my life (Who's that man) (Who's that man) Who's that man runnin' my life (Who's that man) Mmmhhhmmmm (Who's that man) Who's that man runnin' my life (Who's that man) (Who's that man)



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