Woman Behind the Man is a song performed by Toby Keith on his 1995 album Boomtown.


Had this dream forever And it's comin' true at last Now lookin' back, the hard times Were just lessons from the past I finally climbed the highest mountain Now I'm standing tall There were sacrifices made But now the price is paid To you I owe it all

Chorus: You're not the woman behind the man You are the reason I am who I am You've always been my guiding light Leading the way through love and life

You're not the woman behind the man You are the reason I'm who I am

I know I never told you How much I depend on you But at my weakest moment You were strong and pulled me through You've been standing in the shadows You're still trying to But to watch you step aside Let me take this ride Is something I can't do

Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus

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